Miracle Jesus

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Prayer for me


Prayer for me

One should go closer to God in prayers to get rid of diseases from human life and to get salvation.

Miracle of Jesus-Prayer for me
Prayer for me 

                Dear Father!
                                  O Lord Jesus!

I am sorry because sins were spread inside my soul.I could not have any relation with you.I started giving more importance to myself.Because I had a lack of intelligence.

Everyone wants to see miracles in their lives. Show me a miracle in my life too.
I believe that the Lord is a true and alive God.I want blessings of fortune in my life. 

I have committed a lot of sins. I know that Lord, you are the ultimate God and we should praise you.

I will come to you in prayers and follow your commands. Lord, you are seeing me. You are touching me.

God forgive my mistakes. I forgive those people who hurt me. I command all the evil spirits, leave me and my family in the name of Jesus.

All the sicknesses in my body are ordered to be weaken and leave me and run away in the holy name of God Jesus.

It is my belief that Jesus Christ will save each and every part of my body from sickness, weaknesses and sorrows. 

You are sacrificed for our sickness and for our sins. 

That's why I believe every problem will go in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Now the Lord Jesus Christ is working in my life.Every sickness has gone.The evil spirits who were working around me, I order them to go away in the name of Jesus Christ.

I dedicate my life to God.

God frees me from the traps of diseases, sorrows and devils.In the name of Jesus, I throw out the spirit that raises all kinds of anger in me.

 In the name of Jesus,I scold the evil spirits that came in my family By dreams, accident, or witching. And order them run away from my life.

Lord ! Your name has liberated me.I thank you.

I believe that Jesus Christ has made each and every parts of my body.You are in me. With the power of your name, I have been healed from every kind of disease.
I accept you as my Savior.

Dear Father!
Prayer for me
Miracles of Jesus

I thank you that you have sacrificed for the whole world. You were crucified for our sins. 
Lord, I praise you because you were alive again on the third day from the dead.
I accept you as my Savior with full confidence.I believe that you are my father and I am your child.My father has healed his son.
O Holy Spirit! I invite you to come to my heart. I leave all the sins from today. 
Give me the strength of your might so that I can stay away from sins and go on your ways and bring your gospel to the people.
          I thank you, Lord


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